Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Range of Issues

also from Thursday night 11/13....

check out the other issues discussed:
- Should the US normalize relations with Cuba?
- Are you and your significant other comfortable taking dumps in front of each other?
- Is it appropriate for an adult to order off of the kids' menu?
- Do you and your significant other enjoy anal sex? Shower sex?
- Should Israel attack Iran's nuclear facilities?
- child breaks computer in an effort to cover up viewing of inappropriate material - punishment?

Looking forward to the following from you:
- opinions on any of these issues
- comments on the range of topics
- any thoughts on how these issues interconnect

First Nominee for Issue of the Year

from this past Thursday night 11/13....
Have you ever considered shaving the hair in your ass crack? If so, have you asked your significant other to do it for you?

The table said - NO - NO - and WHAT THE FUCK?!!

Issue Score - off the charts - many laughs were had by all, including the lady at the next table

Looking forward to the following from you:
- opinion on issue
- Is this Issue of the Year material?
- other candidates for Issue of the Year

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good Looking? Or Qualified?

Issue 1
(vote on sidebar)

Two women have been interviewed for one open position in the office - one woman (GL) is better looking than the other (NGL) - but the one who's not as good looking is slightly more qualified for the job - Which do you recommend to your boss?

The table said - the first 2/3 of the table favored recommending NGL - but then the last 1/3 of the table made a run, favoring GL in that the marginal job qualification superiority of NGL didn't overcome GL's looks - upon further intensive questioning, the issue host revealed that GL's looks were an 8 (on the 10 scale), while NGL was a 1!! Of course, this turned the entire table to the side of GL

Issue Score - 8 - for GL's looks and the 8 to 1 revelation

Emotional Experiences

Issue 2

Host brought to the table powerful, emotional experiences at the Holocaust Museum and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall - survey to find similar experiences at the table
The table said - incredibly interesting answers including:
  • attending a Soviet Jewry rally in Washington as a teenager - meeting up with a black person on the bus and discovering how people can care about causes not their own
  • visiting Treblinka death camp and seeing a family picnicing on the premises
  • running in a marathon in DC right after 9/11 and running by the Pentagon
  • hearing Vietnam war stories of torture from Vietnam vets at the VA
  • watching the events of 9/11 on TV at a plant with the workers, and then seeing management post guards at the plant doors
  • going to the Wailing Wall and Masada
  • planning the funeral of a friend - with the friend

Issue Score - 10 - even more heartfelt and intimate than expected


Issue 3

Son's Bar Mitzvah recommended giving a donation rather than a gift - some people gave both - thank you notes were written quickly, and in some cases for the gift and not the contribution - Should a second thank you note be written? If so, who should write it - the son or the parents? Special note - potential here for a binding issue offered by both the issue host and spouse.

The table said - Unfortunately, the potential for the issue being binding was lost as the table answers were all over the place - although late sentiment favored somehow doing a second acknowledgement so that the gift givers can know the family was notified about all of the gifts given

Issue Score - 6 - for variety of answers and binding potential