Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good Looking? Or Qualified?

Issue 1
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Two women have been interviewed for one open position in the office - one woman (GL) is better looking than the other (NGL) - but the one who's not as good looking is slightly more qualified for the job - Which do you recommend to your boss?

The table said - the first 2/3 of the table favored recommending NGL - but then the last 1/3 of the table made a run, favoring GL in that the marginal job qualification superiority of NGL didn't overcome GL's looks - upon further intensive questioning, the issue host revealed that GL's looks were an 8 (on the 10 scale), while NGL was a 1!! Of course, this turned the entire table to the side of GL

Issue Score - 8 - for GL's looks and the 8 to 1 revelation


Doug Levin said...

In a bizarre twist of irony, "NGL" has turned down the job offer with us.

After I went to bat for her sorry ass, who does she think she is?

All is not lost, my friends, my boss is getting the offer letter ready for

tnh6 said...

turned out to be a way better issue than i thought it would be... if GL is hired, we need her to show up at applebees one night!