Monday, January 12, 2009


Definition - in which one spouse (usually the male) performs chores around the house either:
- to sexually excite the other spouse, thereby acting as foreplay, or
- directly in exchange for sexual activity

- Have you previously heard of the term "choreplay"? (Note: No one else in the group had)
- Do you and your significant other experience "choreplay"? (Note: Various members of our group said yes) If so, is it always the male performing the chores? And what are the chores?

Looking forward to some answers from our reading audience


Wookie of Year said...

I once tried vacumming naked, but all the hair got in the way.

Anonymous said...

Choreplay is the only way I get the nookie! It takes a lot of skill to do as little as possible around the house during the week, and then to select the right chore that will "turn on the mrs." on the weekend! I never knew the term until now... but I say, "Choreplay is the way!"

Anonymous said...

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