Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sex talk

Commish: So do any of you talk about sex with your "significant other"?
Cooter: What do you mean by "talk about sex"?
Nap: He means communicating in the universal language - talking is a misnomer
El Guapo: No, no - he means talking in the heat of passion
Utz: That's right - using the language of a 1-800-comealloverme operator
Commish: 1-800-comealloverme?
Big Dog: I need to write that number down
Commish: You guys are way off - I mean talking about it outside of actually doing it
Cooter: I'm sorry to say that I understand them better than I understand you
Hoops: I'll help you out - I think you mean talking with your spouse about sex as to what works and what doesn't - or stuff that you fantasize about
Nap: You're supposed to talk about that?
Cooter: With your spouse?
Commish: Alright, have you gotten the preliminaries out of your system?
Utz: 1-800-comealloverme focuses on getting other things out of your system
Big Dog: I really need that number
Hoops: I think the answer is no
El Guapo: I'll be happy to lead this one off
Commish: Finally
El Guapo: My wife and I definitely talk about sex
Commish: To what end?
Utz: That's too easy
El Guapo: Like hoops said before...about preferences, trying new stuff
Nap: No way, we're not talking about it
Commish: Are you doing it?
Nap: We're doing it - somewhat - but we're not talking about it
Cooter: We're not talking about it and we're not doing it
Hoops: Nice - We're talking about it a little
Big Dog: There's a doctrine for me
Utz: I'm getting the sense that the more you talk, the more you do
Commish: Sounds like what we're hearing - and you?
Utz: Well, we're not talking, but we're definitely doing
Cooter: So you don't need to be talking?
Utz: No, it's all in the doing!
Cooter: I'm striking out either way
Commish: I guess we're talking a little - like Hoops - and when we do it feels pretty good - healthy
El Guapo: It helps to get you where you want to be - I recommend it
Utz: How would it help me?
Hoops: It wouldn't - all you need is some Frank Sinatra and a semi-willing partner
Commish: That reminds me of another issue - when you're doing it, do you prefer to have music on, have the TV on, or to have no sound at all?
El Guapo: I'm all for TV - maybe even some Sportscenter
Utz: Are you working the sandwich at the same time as well?
Hoops: El Guapo, I thought you were really into music?
El Guapo: March Madness must be affecting me
Cooter: No noise for me
Nap: Does that count you and your wife?
Cooter: and the dog
Nap: Silence is golden
Commish: Anybody with me for a little music?
Big Dog: I'd be with you, but I've got to go make a call
Nap: as should we all

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Anonymous said...

Hint to you guys...talking about sex could include telling your spouse what she did right so that maybe she'll do it again sometime.