Saturday, December 6, 2008

Investment Advice

Your friends at Thursday Night Hoops perform many valuable services - one such service is giving investment advice, especially in these tough economic times - here's the issue:
"I have some monies invested in mutual funds (okay, some might be overstating it - it was a little and now it's puchhh) - I have continued to hold these mutual fund shares - assuming/hoping that the market will start going back up, should I continue to hold these shares, or should I sell them off and invest in individual stocks such as Citigroup that have the potential to rise faster and more substantially?"
Answer from the group - continue to hold the mutual fund shares unless you have the time needed to seriously look into and follow individual stocks (i.e. to become a "day trader") - while the individual stocks have the potential to rise faster and more substantially, they also have the potential to do the opposite - this especially holds if the monies involved are needed in your investment portfolio - however, if these monies are expendable, then taking a flyer on some individual stocks is perhaps a venture worth taking (sort of like the few hundred dollars that you take to a casino having dealt with the fact that you could easily lose it)

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