Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What I Learned From Last Week's Issues

1) Cash is king - and, in this market, if you can't sell your house immediately and you have a rental possibility, go for the rental

2) There's a certain sexual allure to the woman who is the First Lady

3) Going to visit somewhere you lived previously, or having someone who lived previously in your current abode come to visit you, is a good thing (note: listen to the Jackson Browne song "Looking Into You" for more on this) - same for visiting a place where you used to work


tnh6 said...

is it because she is black? someone I know says that jewish men are specifically attracted to black women...do you think this is true?

tnh6 said...

or do you mean laura bush?

Wookie of Year said...

she's no Hillary Clinton

Hoops Commish said...

not Hillary again?!

The point was that the First Lady has a certain attraction, whether it be Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, or even Barbara Bush (alright, maybe not Barbara Bush!)