Saturday, December 6, 2008

One Parent Secrets

Should children be allowed to tell secrets to one parent only?
Trafe is concerned - feeling a bit left out as his daughter has shared some secrets with his spouse and not with him - some being female-related - that he found out later only accidentally by other means as both spouse and daughter kept the secrets tightly wrapped
Artie cannot understand how the secrets could be kept - claims he and his wife discuss everything
Utz wants to know the last time Artie and spouse discussed something significant about the kids, but Artie doesn't hear him
Gump says let it be - nothing wrong with some things being told to one parent or the other - can even add to special relationship between that child and parent
Utz wants to know if any of Gump's children has told him a secret - Gump says no
Trump says that his spouse passes such secrets on to him
Utz wants to know the last time Trump's spouse passed a secret on to him - Trump can't remember
Trafe is still forlorn - wants to be included in family decisions
Gump says don't push it - a few small secrets aren't hurting anything
Utz says push for the big secrets - when decisions have to be made - Utz has a doctrine for all except Artie, who's still talking about pushing for all secrets
Trump's going to ask spouse if he's missed any new secrets

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Doug Levin said...

I see nothing wrong with secrets - they can help the child develop trusting relationships. We have to accept that children develop unique relationships with each parent and as they get older, they should not perceive their parents as a single entity - this will only draw them away.

If something serious came up, like a teen pregnancy, of course I'd share the info or better yet, work with my child to tell my spouse together.

This is about the child, not the parent or marriage.